About Us


AccidentValues.com was created to benefit individuals involved in accidents.  The site and the calculator were created by Maryland car accident lawyers but the information can be used nationwide.  The information should not be considered a substitute for a qualified car accident lawyer.  Our network of attorneys operates throughout the country to obtain the best possible results for the injured.

In our network of attorneys, all consultations are complimentary, whether you think the case is worth a thousand dollars or a million dollars.

Our goal is to make our accident calculator site as effective and informative as possible.  If you have advice or feedback as to how we can make our site better, please ask us a question or call us.  We’re more than happy to listen to anything you might have to say.

If you’re on this site dealing, on your own, with an insurance adjuster, we implore you – get a lawyer.  It doesn’t have to be through our network, but get yourself an accident lawyer.  It’s the adjuster’s job to decrease the amount you get.  We just want it to be a fair fight.  (The adjuster has the ultimate upper hand – they usually know it’s a fight before you do.)

In addition to maximizing the value of your recovery, our network succeeds by making you feel comfortable.  Let us help you!