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Accident Settlement Calculator

Our goal is to give you an estimate of the value of your accident claim.  This generally includes car and truck accidents.  It also includes accidents involving commercial trucks, motorcycles, and nearly any other type of moving vehicle.  The personal injury settlement calculator can even be applied to other kinds of accidents.

Our goal was to provide a rough answer to the question how much –>  How much will I get for my car accident case?  How much will my settlement be?   What’s the value of my claim?

The settlement calculator will not be exact.  The goal is only to provide an estimate.  The information you submit is a large part of the basis an accident lawyer uses in determining the value of your case.  When you call the lawyer and describe what happened with your accident, the lawyer makes a rough estimate of the value of the case, if only in his head.  He jots down everything you’re about to fill out in the calculator and adds it all up and has an estimate.  Like this calculator, the estimate is approximate.


In a tort case like a car accident, the elements are duty, breach, causation and damages.  Did the other party have a duty to you, which they breached, that caused you to be hurt?  If that can be proven, you move on to damages.  How hurt were you?  This consists of economic damages and non-economic damages.  Economic are things for which you or someone else actually laid out money.  Examples include medical bills and property damage.  Examples of non-economic damages include pain and suffering.


You likely think of your injury as physical ailment like broken bones, back or head injuries, etc.  However, injury can be a term used to encompass all of your “damages.”  Assuming liability can be proven, you have been injured by the other party.  We are here to use a settlement calculator to put an approximate value, in dollars, on that injury.

Determining Fault

It’s possible you get nothing.  In contributory negligence states, of which Maryland is currently one, if you were a little bit at fault, you cannot recover from the other party.  In comparative negligence states, formulas are used to apportion fault, thereby determining who pays what.  It’s important you are aware that, depending on fault issues, your recovery can be limited and the calculator will not give you correct results.  The calculator assumes the other party’s liability can be proven.  That is a big assumption.

Accident Lawyers

AccidentValues was developed by accident lawyers.  The calculator is based on real experience.  The calculator comes from the formula we have in our head based on past experience working with injury cases, including the property damages, lost wages, and medical bills.  Sometimes we get asked, “So what is the real estimate, what do you really think I could get?”  Our only answer is we’ve told you as best we can – the calculator says it all!

The Accident Calculator

However, using our settlement calculator does not form an attorney-client relationship.  And even though we stand by the quality of the estimate, you cannot expect that what the calculator says is actually what you will get.  Every case is different.  Every case has variables.  If it was as easy as entering a few numbers in and getting a check, we wouldn’t need accident lawyers.  We wouldn’t need defense lawyers.  We might not even need insurance adjusters.  I wish it were that easy.  That would be a better world.  But it’s not that easy, and that’s why the calculator can only provide a rough estimate of the value of your settlement or your case.