Founders Message – Do you need to find an Accident Lawyer?

I am Byron Warnken, a car accident lawyer practicing in Maryland.  I am one of the founders of  the network.  I do not like insurance companies.  I believe insurance companies aim to minimize the amount paid to people involved in car accidents.  Though I understand it’s their job, I don’t think that makes it right.  I am an advocate on the other side.  I aim to get the most for my clients.

We’re building a like-minded network of attorneys throughout the United States who represent victims of injuries.

Car Accident Lawyer

Lawyers who specialize in car accident cases are a special breed.  The media and society portray injury lawyers like ambulance chasing scumbags, only out to get the next dollar.  Some fit that stereotype.  However, the vast majority of car accident lawyers just can’t stand companies who try to screw over the little guy.  Insurance companies often lowball offers to car accident victims just because they can.

If both sides played fair, there wouldn’t be the need for lawyers.  I wish that was the world we lived in.  Seriously, I do.  I’d be glad to go make my living some other way.  I wish the bullshit didn’t exist and people were honest and fair.  There wouldn’t be as much stress, wasted time, or unnecessary energy spent.

But that’s not the world we live in.  There are completely opposed interests.  Insurance companies “win” (for their shareholders) when they give you less.  And I’ll be damned if I’m going to let that be the way of the world.  So now I want to win for you.  And so it goes.

Philosophy aside, you need a lawyer who knows how to handle car accident cases.  You need an experienced and aggressive advocate to negotiate for you.  But you also need someone who is kind and patient enough to help you through a tough time in your life.  Finding both in a car accident lawyer is tough, but you’ve come to the right place.

Truck Accident Lawyer

A lawyer for a trucking accident case needs similar attributes to a regular car accident lawyer, but also needs experience with trucking cases.  The difference can be more money at stake.  Trucks are generally required to have commercial insurance and truck accident cases can be tried in Federal court.  Moreover, juries are often less sympathtic to trucks involved in accidents, especially if it’s a matter of a driver falling asleep, driving too many hours, or driving an improper load.

There are numerous regulations trucks need to follow.  The reason is simple: we want safe highways.  Of course, trucking is vital to our economy and vital for the supply chain.  We all have items we want and need.  However, we also want safe roads.  We don’t want to be subjected to the enormous out of control weapon a commercial truck can become if it’s not being driven and maintained properly.

Often, a failure for commercial trucks to follow safety and maintenance standards is an issue of the need for profit.  More miles, more driver time, more loads, bigger loads, all means more money and profit for the trucking company.  This is all fine, until an accident happens.  If you are in an accident and injured at the hands of a commercial truck, you need not just any accident lawyer, but a great truck accident lawyer.

Estimating The Value of Your Case

An experienced accident lawyer will be able to loosely calculate the value of your case just by knowing some specific facts.  What kind of accident was it?  How much personal injury is involved?  How much were the medical bills, lost wages, and other out-of-pocket expenses?  From there, other factors are analyzed to see how much those damages will lead to via settlement or trial.  You can get a rough estimate of the value of your case here, with the AccidentValues accident calculator.

An accident lawyer should be willing to give you a rough estimate, but should also explain all of the variables that can lead to a higher or lower number.  A good accident lawyer should be able to settle a case without going to court, but should also be able to take a case to trial if the insurance company refuses to pay what is fair and reasonable.

Please feel free to browse the articles to gather more information for yourself or fill out the calculator.  Whatever you do and no matter who assists you, don’t simply take the first offer from the insurance company.  Fight for fair.