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We built AccidentValues to provide you with a rough estimate of the value of your case.  Of course, we are lawyers, so we will give you a lawyer’s disclaimer – the value of a case depends on numerous factors, too numerous to name in any one list.  One element our calculator does not provide for because it would simply be too speculative, is geography specific issues.  A personal injury accident case in Maryland is not worth the same as a case in Georgia.  In fact, different counties in Maryland have different average values.  A case in Western Maryland may not have the same value of a personal injury case in Baltimore.

Helping You

We are personal injury attorneys.  See our baltimore personal injury lawyer page here or our car crash page here.  We focus on getting the injured compensated for their injuries.  We do not handle property damage only claims.  There are Baltimore area lawyers who focus on diminished value or damage claims.  We focus on personal injury.

Personal Injury Lawyers Fight for Justice

Nobody like lawyers until they get hurt.  Then they want the most aggressive one they can find.  We fight on behalf of our clients! We are part of a number of National groups and organizations.  Who we are and what you should be looking for in an accident attorney…


Membership in the American Association for Justice, a State Association for Justice, or State Trial Lawyer Association: This is a good indication that a lawyer is dedicated to staying on top of developments in the field, lawyer wants to achieve to achieve great results, and the lawyer is solely, or nearly solely, focused on representing the injured.  We are part of AAJ and the Maryland Association for Justice.

Awards and Accolades: Not awards that can be purchased – awards that can only be awarded. This can mean unique awards like the Fastcase 50 or lifetime achievement awards. It can also mean things like President of a State Bar section, or other leadership role in the profession. Though they may be somewhat political sometimes, these are not positions that can be bought.

Positive Online Reviews: This doesn’t have to mean 10 out of 10 on every ratings service, but it means a positive review profile. There are many good accident attorneys, but you can’t be great unless you have really happy clients. At the end of the day, we serve the injured, we serve the client. Clients must be willing to say we’ve gotten good results for them and we made their life a little easier.

Have Malpractice Insurance: It seems basic, but it’s vital. Attorneys without malpractice insurance are placing unnecessary risks on themselves and their clients. It’s irresponsible.

Puts Out Quality Information for Clients: Educating clients is important. Good accident attorneys should make it easier for clients to find answers to basic questions.

Has Had Success: Again, it seems basic, but it’s vital. Moreover, the average person who has been in an accident simply doesn’t realize that not every lawyer is what he or she seems.



Ultimately, we’re sorry you’re here on this website. If you need our services, it means you were hurt, you’re likely facing a large, faceless insurance company, and you need to find some justice. We’re sorry that’s the position you are in. But we’re glad you have found us. We aim to help.  Feel free to contact us now.