The articles below contain information about how car accident claims are calculated.  If you have been in a car accident, however, especially a serious one, contact a car accident lawyer.  It’s not a time to take matters into your own hands.  Doing so could easily cost you thousands of dollars.  In fact, depending on the case, it could cost you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That said, the articles below are good resources for those interested in learning more about the process of calculating the value of a car accident case.

First, the accident happens.  Whether major or minor, if you need to know about calculating car accident claims, the accident has been reported to insurance.  The worse the collision, the sooner and more aggressively the insurance company may try to settle with you.  Then, fearing you may be getting taken advantage of, or simply knowing the ways of the world, you try to figure out how much the injuries might be worth.  You come to AccidentValues.  You use our car accident calculator to determine the value of your claim.

After seeing a rough estimate, you likely decide to find a car accident lawyer.  We help you find an honest, dependable, top rated lawyer for your case.  The case is either settled or you file a lawsuit.  (Or you fil a lawsuit, then the case gets settled.)  You receive compensation for your damages.  See the articles below for more specifics.

  • Value

    Value Of Your Automobile Accident Lawsuit Whether handling an automobile accident settlement on your own or engaging the services of a lawyer, the time will come when you need to know the value of your case.  This is true whether you are attempting to settle the case with the insurance adjuster or the defense attorney, […]

  • Medical Expenses

    Example excerpt.

  • Lost Wages

    Lost Wages Employed individuals who are injured in an automobile accident are often allowed to recover for lost wages caused by the accident. Proving Lost Wages Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Most automobile insurance policies contain a policy of Personal Injury Protection (PIP).  Notable exceptions are motorcycles, buses, taxi cabs, and situations where the insured signed […]

  • Property Damage

    Property Damage Most cases of property damage are handled in the early stages of a claim, and are resolved quickly.  There is rarely a need to take these claims to trial because valuation is typically simple, and there is usually insurance available to cover it if liability is contested. Value Of Property Damage When lawyers […]

  • Non-Economic Damages

    Noneconomic Damages Noneconomic damages are those losses and harms that are not easily susceptible to calculation.  Often generically referred to as “pain and suffering,” they include so much more.  These damages are subjective, and depend on the life experiences of the judge or jurors. Types Of Noneconomic Damages In Maryland, juries are typically given an […]

  • The Calculator’s Uses and Values

    When the site AccidentValues was first created, we were originally thinking it was going to be primarily for car and truck accidents.  This makes sense – the calculator was designed to heighten the practice for an accident lawyer.  It was seen that the way to do that was to put the visitor first.  Tell the […]